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Vintage Airplane

Aviation Posters have been used by airlines since the dawn of commercial aviation to promote air service.  They have been used mostly to promote airline destinations and have been prominently displayed in airline ticket offices, travel agencies, and airports. displays posters from private collections with an emphasis on posters that promote destinations in Mexico and Latin America.  These posters are for display only and are not for sale.  The gallery below shows some highlights from the collection.  Enjoy the posters!

For access to the full collection of posters, use the Poster Collection link on the left. Once there, you can search for posters of your favorite Airline or destination using the Search function or explore via the links.
Galleries 1 through 4 exhibit posters from the collection with similar themes, based on content, topic, or artists. Each Gallery exhibits 20 posters in a roll-over format. Simply scroll your mouse over the poster and it will display.  Gallery exhibits are changed regularly. The current exhibits are as follows:
Gallery 1 - Pre-Columbian Images from the Americas
            Gallery 2 - Airplanes
            Gallery 3 - The Animal Kingdom
          Gallery 4 - Iconic Buildings and Structures

Where available, poster descriptions include information about artists, issue dates, and other interesting information. If you have comments, questions, or would like to share information about the posters, please contact us by accessing the contact link on the left.

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