Airline Poster Art images


Model Product Image Item Name
SK EUR 60 London London - SAS 1960

London - SAS 1960

Boats in the Thames River with Parliament buildings in the background in foggy setting - Artwork by Otto Nielsen
SK EUR 60 Scotland Scotland - SAS 1960

Scotland - SAS 1960

Image of man in Scottish uniform playing bagpipes - Artwork by Otto Nielsen
SK EUR 64 Denmark Denmark - SAS 1964

Denmark - SAS 1964

"Pleasant Scandanavia" - 16th Century Kronsborg Castle, of Hamlet fame, at Elsinore in North Zealand - Photo 
SK EUR 65 Polar Route Europe - SAS mid 1960s

Europe - SAS mid 1960s

"Polar Route Direct to all of Europe" map with route on brown background - Artwork
SK EUR 92 Norway Norway - SAS 1992

Norway - SAS 1992

Various Norwegian scenes in watercolor - Artwork
SK EUR 95 Seattle to Europe Seattle to Europe - SAS 1995

Seattle to Europe - SAS 1995

"95% of Europe is at Seattle's Doorstep"  Seattle Space Needle set amidst Tour Eiffel, Big Ben, and St. Peter's Bacilica - Artwork