Airline Poster Art images

British Airways

Model Product Image Item Name
BE EUR 65 Spain Spain - British European Airways 1965

Spain - British European Airways 1965

"Fly BEA to Spain When in Europe"  Fishermen preparing to go out to sea with wine and fruit on table in forefront - Artwork by John...
BA EUR 70 Europe Europe - BOAC 1970

Europe - BOAC 1970

"Jet there by BOAC"  Couple with traditional dancers and musicians in Alpine setting - Photo
BA EUR 70 London London - BOAC 1970

London - BOAC 1970

"The big round world of BOAC. stop off in London"  Image of traditional church tower and modern communications tower - Photo
BA EUR 79 Britain Sport Britain - British Airways 1979

Britain - British Airways 1979

"Britain, Great for Sport" Scenes of football, horse racing, car racing, and Scottish sport in blue background - Photo   
BA EUR 79 Scotland Scotland - British Airways 1979

Scotland - British Airways 1979

Throwing the hammer at the Royal Highland gathering in Braemar, Scotland - Photo
BA EUR 79 Wales Wales - British Airways 1979

Wales - British Airways 1979

Harlech Castle, on the northwest coast of Wales - Photo 
BA EUR 88 Spain Spain - British Airways 1988

Spain - British Airways 1988

Elaborate Moorish decorative work on windows on black framing - Photo