Airline Poster Art images


Model Product Image Item Name
RG LAT 55 Rio Rio - Varig mid-1950s

Rio - Varig mid-1950s

Various images of Rio de Janeiro on purple background - Artwork
RG LAT 63 Rio Brasil Rio - Varig early-1960s

Rio - Varig early-1960s

Rio de Janeiro beach scene with B707 above - Photo
RG LAT 65 Brasil Brasil - Varig 1965

Brasil - Varig 1965

Various images of Brazilian destinations with B707 in center - Artwork
RG LAT 65 Peru Peru - Varig late-1960s

Peru - Varig late-1960s

Andean native in colorful dress with bright green background - Artwork
RG LAT 73 Brasil by R.Fungbluth Brasil - Varig 1973

Brasil - Varig 1973

Traditional dancers in native dress set against brightly colored background - Artwork by R. Fungbluth
RG LAT 80 Iguassu Falls Iguassu Falls - Varig 1980

Iguassu Falls - Varig 1980

Image of Iguassu Falls on the Brazil / Argentina border and women adjacent to the falls - Photo
RG LAT 88 Brasil Guard Brasil - Varig late-1980s

Brasil - Varig late-1980s

Stylized guard in dress uniform, yellow framing - Artwork
RG LAT 90 Argentina Patagonia Argentina - Varig early-1990s

Argentina - Varig early-1990s

Snow in Patagonia, white framing - Photo
RG LAT 90 Argentina Tango Argentina - Varig early-1990s

Argentina - Varig early-1990s

Tango dancers, white framing - Artwork
RG LAT 90 Brazil Amazonia Brazil Amazonia - Varig 1990

Brazil Amazonia - Varig 1990

Aerial view of Amazon rainforest - Photo