Airline Poster Art images


Model Product Image Item Name
CP EUR 58 Toronto to Europe Toronto to Europe - Canadian Pacific 1958

Toronto to Europe - Canadian Pacific 1958

"Fly Canadian Pacific from Toronto to Europe"  Image of father and son holding a model of Bristol Brittania in cabin with Captain -...
CP MEX 60 Fuitseller Mexico - Canadian Pacific early 1960s

Mexico - Canadian Pacific early 1960s

Fruitseller woman on white background - Artwork 
CP MEX 62 Mexico Mexico - Canadian Pacific 1962

Mexico - Canadian Pacific 1962

Portrait image of woman in traditional dress on dark background in white framing - Photo
CP EUR 68 Amsterdam Amsterdam - Canadian Pacific 1968

Amsterdam - Canadian Pacific 1968

Woman holding tulips in traditional dutch dress with inset of canal scene on yellow background - photo  
CP LAT 68 South America South America - Canadian Pacific late-1960s

South America - Canadian Pacific late-1960s

Woman and image of main plaza in Cuzco on brown and white background - Photo
CP MEX 69 Mexico Mexico - CPAir late-1960s

Mexico - CPAir late-1960s

Woman wearing sarape with colonial village in background on bright orange framing - Photo
CP USC 83 Victoria Victoria - CPAir 1983

Victoria - CPAir 1983

Parliment building with park, street lamps, and flowers - Artwork by J.P. Huff
CP LAT 84 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires - CPAir 1984

Buenos Aires - CPAir 1984

Couple dancing in park setting with Argentine capitol building in background - Artwork  
CP USC 84 Vancouver Vancouver - CPAir 1984

Vancouver - CPAir 1984

Joggers in wooded park along ocean front at foot of tall bridge - Artwork by Peter Lynde
CP USC 84 Winnipeg Winnipeg - CPAir 1984

Winnipeg - CPAir 1984

Fields of grain under the clouds with city skyline in background set in burnt orange framing - Artwork by Robert Banks