Airline Poster Art images


Model Product Image Item Name
PS BND 80 PSA Destinations Destination Map - PSA 1980

Destination Map - PSA 1980

"Catch our Smile" Map of PSA destinations throughout western US and Mexico with MD-80 - Artwork
PS USC 80 Northern California Northern California - PSA 1980

Northern California - PSA 1980

Golden Gate bridge as fog is rolling in with inset images of Sacramento, the Sierra Nevadas and the Pacific Coast - Photo
PS USC 80 Pacific Northwest Pacific Northwest - PSA 1980

Pacific Northwest - PSA 1980

Seattle's Sky Needle at sunset and Puget Sound in background with inset images of a farm house, a light house, and fishing - Photo
PS USC 80 Southern California Southern California - PSA 1980

Southern California - PSA 1980

Aerial view of colorful sailboat at sea with inset images of Los Angeles and Long Beach - Photo
PS USC 80 The Southwest The Southwest - PSA 1980

The Southwest - PSA 1980

Cowboy and lasso in desert setting sun with inset images of gambling, Reno, and the Grand Canyon - Photo