Airline Poster Art images


Model Product Image Item Name
PGI LAT 51 South America South America - Panagra 1951

South America - Panagra 1951

Woman looking out onto Bariloche in Argentina - Photo
PGI LAT 54 Argentina Argentina - Panagra mid-1950s

Argentina - Panagra mid-1950s

Gauchos chasing nandus (rhea birds) on horseback through the pampas - Artwork by F. Molina Campos
PGI LAT 55 Bolivia Bolivia - Panagra mid-1950s

Bolivia - Panagra mid-1950s

Tourists on reed boat with native guides on Late Titicaca with DC-6 image - Photo
PGI LAT 55 Chile Chile - Panagra 1955

Chile - Panagra 1955

Chilean huasos playing music around campfire with DC-6 image below - Photo
PGI LAT 55 Ecuador Ecuador - Panagra 1955

Ecuador - Panagra 1955

Andean musicians in traditional costume with DC6 image below - Photo
PGI LAT 55 Peru Guard Peru - Panagra 1955

Peru - Panagra 1955

Guard in front of Presidential Palace on main plaza in Lima with DC6 image below - Photo
PGI LAT 56 Peru Peru - Panagra mid-1950s

Peru - Panagra mid-1950s

Bullfighter and bull on multi-color background with DC-6 above - Artwork by C. Rogelio Llojios
PGI LAT 58 Colombia Colombia - Panagra late-1950s

Colombia - Panagra late-1950s

Stone arch bridge over river with church in background - Photo
PGI LAT 58 Panama Panama - Panagra 1958

Panama - Panagra 1958

Passenger ship in locks as it navigates across the Panama Canal - Photo
PGI LAT 58 Peru Peru - Panagra late-1950s

Peru - Panagra late-1950s

Fertile Urubamba Valley with native man and tourists on hillside - Photo