Airline Poster Art images

1960s & 1970s

Model Product Image Item Name
TW AFM 60 Africa Africa - TWA early 1960s

Africa - TWA early 1960s

Zebras in tall grassy field with bright red background - Artwork
TW USC 60 Arizona Arizona - TWA 1960s

Arizona - TWA 1960s

Arizona cowgirl with desert background - Artwork
TW CHI 60 Chicago Chicago - TWA early-1960s

Chicago - TWA early-1960s

View west along Chicago River and bridges - Artwork
TW AFM 60 Egypt Egypt - TWA early 1960s

Egypt - TWA early 1960s

Camel with pyramids on bright blue background - Artwork
TW USC 60 San Francisco San Francisco - TWA early-1960s

San Francisco - TWA early-1960s

Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco - Artwork
TW AIR 63 Convair Super Jet Convair Super Jet - TWA early-1960s

Convair Super Jet - TWA early-1960s

"TWA Convair Super Jet, Speed, Luxury, Dependability"  Convair jet and contrails on multicolor background - Artwork
TW ASI 63 Hong Kong Hong Kong - TWA early-1960s

Hong Kong - TWA early-1960s

Colorful images of woman in native costume, pagodas, and junk boats - Artwork by David Klein
TW ASI 60 The Orient The Orient - TWA early-1960s

The Orient - TWA early-1960s

Asian statue with window scene - Artwork
TW CHI 65 Chicago Chicago - TWA mid-1960s

Chicago - TWA mid-1960s

Lake Shore Drive, Water Tower, Marina City, Lions, Wind, and Clock on State Street - Artwork by David Klein
TW EUR 65 Germany - David Klein Germany - TWA mid-1960s

Germany - TWA mid-1960s

German statue and castle images, along with elborate iron work on orange background with B707 - Artwork by David Klein